Thursday, 27 January 2011

Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins has exhibited internationally and performed her work at the Barbican Art Gallery, the ICA gallery, the Zoo Art Fair and Christies Auction house in London amongst many others.

For solo Kate will undertake a performance exploring the abstract expressionist ‘gesture’ as performative identity. Throughout the duration of the performance she will undertake her own abstract expressionist gesture using a large expanse of canvas (in the vein of Pollock) and a paint-ball gun. The performance will exist in two halves. The first will form an introduction to different styles of handgun shooting. The second will involve a demonstration of those styles using a series of choreographed, repeated gestures. Throughout, the repeated gestures will become increasingly abstract so that the individual shooting ‘styles’ no longer make any sense in their disrupted context, resulting in a dance of sorts.

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